THE SILBERMINTZ GROUP, owned by Yosef and Shraga Silbermintz, is one of the most veteran real-estate companies operating in Isarel and is widely considered as an industry leader.

The company was founded approximately 40 years ago and is today one of the larger and most sound companies operating in the country, boasting a fine reputation which preserves the family nature and values to which it is committed at all times.

THE SILBERMINTZ GROUP, is engaged in the initiation, construction, and development of various residential and commercial real-estate projects in both Israel and abroad. All commercial activities are managed by way of its commercial and international divisions.

The company's singularity stands out in the extensive experience and professionalism it is able to offer in all industry related matters, observance of building quality, and personal attention to each homeowner starting from occasion of sail through subsequent entry into the apartment and thereafter.

THE SILBERMINTZ GROUP has a sound financial base. The company ensures all construction works are conducted in accordance with the highest building standards and believes in professionalism without compromise.

A selection of past projects:

  • 200 residential units in Rehovot - two towers, 25 and 18 stories high.
  • 240 residential units in Tzur Yitzhak- 8 building, 10 stories high.
  • 108 residential units in Tzur Yizhak - 4 buildings.
  • 228 residential units in Modiin.

Projects in progress:
  • 60 residential units in Tzur Yitzhak - two buildings.
  • A 6,000 square meter commercial center in Tzur Yitzhak.
  • 140 residential units in Tzur Yitzhak - 4 towers.
  • 78 residential units in Modiin.
  • 48 residential units in Modiin.
  • 105 residential units in Modiin.
  • 156 residential units in Modiin. 
  • 8 residential units in new business center of Modiin.
  • Clinics and health services offices for rent in Modiin.9,000 square meters of office spaces for rent in Ramat-Gan.

The company owns and manage additional office and commercial buildings.

The company is also active abroad and invests in properties across Europe and the United states

Contact us:

Shalem 3 st., Ramat Gan

Phone: 03-5238271

Fax: 03-5279804



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